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Award-Winning Spices from Cruz Spices!


Cruz spices is America's number one spice line. Owned by Richard Cruz Sr., we have a great selection of spices which include Richard's famous Menudo mix! Richard has won 1st place 6 times in Menudo Cook-Offs and was the San Antonio, TX World Championship Menudo "Cook-Off " Winner. We are selling America's tried and true line of great quality spices. The principals of Cruz Spices have been in the food industry for over thirty-five years. We allow you to order your favorite Cruz Spices spices, at regular retail prices and get them to your home, usually in seven days or less. These seasonings are dry flavor blends that can include spices, herbs and salt. Whether purchased or blended at home, they’re a great shortcut for adding flavor. Create your own with a few on-hand ingredients, or sample the excellent highly flavored seasonings, seasoning mixes, marinades and the like available at your supermarket.   






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