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How much is shipping?

All prices include domestic shipping (within US). International orders will incur a $40 shipping charge.


Why cant I pay with a credit card? Do I have to use PayPal and why does PayPal show the "Creat an account" button rather than "Pay with credit or debit card" button?

You should only be seeing the "Guest Checkout" or "Pay with Debit/Credit card" option on the last step of checkout. If you are not seeing this option and are only presented with a PayPal login screen, then you likely already have a PayPal account, or someone else has used on your computer to make a purchase. If you have a PayPal account, but would like to use a debit/credit card instead of your PayPal, please look at the options below. 

A few of the reasons that the guest checkout/pay with credit/ debit option may not be displayed.



PayPal users have cookies on their computer that passes along info during purchases to make the process of checking out easier. If you are not seeing the guest checkout/ Pay with a debit or credit card option, it is likely you have a PayPal accout you are not logged out of, or you are on a shared computer with someone who has a PayPal account.

( Since this is tracked through cookies, clearing the cache within their browser should restore this option for the buyer.)


One-Touch Login

A new PayPal feature that automatically logs you into PayPal during checkout may also be enabled in your PayPal account. If enabled, this logs you into your PayPal account immediately. You may have inadvertently enabled that feature on a previous PayPal checkout on another site. After checkout you may have been prompted to "Enable One-Touch to speed up future transactions." You can disable this feature in your PayPal settings.


You Are Already Logged into PayPal

You may also be logged in automatically if you havent logged out of your PayPal account. Closing the browser does not log you out of PayPal completely. Go back to PayPal, log in, and click the Logout button. 


Email Address

If the email address that the buyer is providing is linked to an existing PayPal account, the option to checkout as a guest will not be available since PayPal has already established that the buyer has an existing account.


Can you ship to a PO Box?

No, unfortunately we cannot ship to PO Boxes. Please choose your home or business address.


How long does it take to get my order?

We will try to get your order to you within 3-5 days. For Canada and other out of the country addresses it will take longer of course. If not, or something comes up which it does happen, we will try to email you to the email you leave with your order or if you would like to reach us, please do so, and call Marisa Kiser at (325) 374-7813 or leave her a text. You can also reach us at our email [email protected].